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Gibbons O.
BLSB15/2Gibbons O.Almighty and everlasting GodSATB+bc37 
SVE10010 Gibbons O.Almighty God who by thy Sonsola A,SATBB+bc42 
VA10010 Gibbons O.Behold, I bring you glad tidingssola SA,SATB+bc60 
PU10011 Gibbons O.Behold thou hastSATTB80 
PU10012 Gibbons O.Blessed they that fear the LordSATTB+bc83 
PU35 Gibbons O.Deliver usSATB35(2 části) 
BL10006 Gibbons O.Glorious and powerful GodSAATB+2vl,2vla,bc101 
PU10014 Gibbons O.Have mercy upon mesola S,SATB+bc37 
STSB15/12Gibbons O.Hossana to the son of DavidSSAATTB+bc66 
VE10005 Gibbons O.If ye be risen againSS+bc65 
BL10008 Gibbons O.Lift up your headsSSAATB+bc42 
SVE72 Gibbons O.Lord grant graceSAATB50 
NASB15/21Gibbons O.O clap your handsSSAATTBB133 
PUSB15/23Gibbons O.O Lord, in thy wrathSSAATB48 
MAD32/27Gibbons O.The Silver SwanSATBarB21 
ADSB15/32Gibbons O.This is the record of JohnSAATB+bc90 
AD10002 Gibbons O.Toto je svědectví Janovosola T,SAATB+bc70x
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