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SPR10010 My Lord, what a mourningDawson W.L.SATTB+bc53 
SPR10039 My lord´s a-writin´?T+bc40 
SPR10040 My way´s cloudy?T+bc30 
SPR10007 Nobody knows?unisono+piano20 
SPR10041 O, gambler, get up?T+bc11 
SPR10043 O, rocks don´t fall on me?T+bc50 
SPR10042/AO, wasn´t dat a wide river??T+bc30 
SPR10042/BO, wasn´t dat a wide river??SATB20 
SPR10001/2O when the Saints?SA+piano9-8slok 
SPR10061 Oh, Mary don´t you weep?SATB30 
SPR10073 Oh, won´t you sit down??SATB24 
SPR22 Oh yes!?SATB8-3slok 
SPR23 Old ship of Zion?SATB16-3slok 
SPR10044 Peter, go ring ring dem bells?T+bc55 
SPR10072 Please don´t let this harvest pass?SATB30 
SPR10045 Ride on, Moses?T+bc25 
SPR10071 Rise up, shepherds, and follow!?SATB30 
SPR10002/1Rocka my soul?unisono+piano18-2slok 
SPR24 Roll, Jordan, roll?SATB16-7slok 
SPR10046 Roll de ol´ chariot?T+bc35 
Archiv PMS