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ZnačkaAutor SkladbaObsazeníPočet taktůPoznámka
SVA10010 Purcell H.Hosanna to the highestsola B,AB+bc61 
BL10090 Purcell H.How have I stray´dsola S(T),S(T)B+bc65 
BL10081 Purcell H.How long, great GodS(T)+bc68 
BL10088 Purcell H.I will give thanks unto the Lordsola T,B,TBB,SATB+2vl, bc286 
BL10096 Purcell H.I will love thee, O Lordsola B, SATB+bc110 
BL10009 Purcell H.I will sing unto the LordSSATB70 
BL10099 Purcell H.In the black, dismal dungeon of despairS(T)+bc57 
PU10001 Purcell H.Jehova,quam multi suntsolaTB,SSATB+bc131x
SVE10035 Purcell H.Laudate CeciliamSola,B,AT,ATB+2vl,bc251 
NA10005 Purcell H.Let God ariseTT,SATB+bc100 
PU10044 Purcell H.Let mine eyes run down with tearsSSATB+bcchybí posl.stranka 
PU10055 Purcell H.Let the night perishsola S(T),S(T)B+bc76 
PU10042 Purcell H.Lord, how long wilt thou be angryATB, SSATB+bc106 
BL10086 Purcell H.Lord, not to usATB+bc24 
BL10089 Purcell H.Lord, what is manS(T)+bc120 
BL10084 Purcell H.Lord, who can tellTTB,SATB+bc94 
PU10058 Purcell H.Lord,I can suffersola S,B,SS,SSTB+bc86 
BL10083 Purcell H.My song shall be alwaysola B,SATB+2vl,vla,bc314 
BL10082 Purcell H.Now that the sun hath veil´d his lightS(T)+bc114 
VAH7 Purcell H.Nunc dimittisSATB91x
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