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ZnačkaAutor SkladbaObsazeníPočet taktůPoznámka
VAH13 Purcell H.Nunc dimmitis IISSAATB42x
PU10046 Purcell H.O,I´m sick of lifesola T,TT, TTB+bc62 
NA10006 Purcell H.O all ye people, clap your handsSSTB+bc74 
PU10053 Purcell H.O consider my adversitysola T,ATB,SATB+bc237 
BL10087 Purcell H.O give thankssola A,ATB+SATB+bc235 
NA10001 Purcell H.O God, the King of glorySATB+bc37 
BL10011 Purcell H.O God, they love thy nameSATB+bc43 
PU10003 Purcell H.O God, thou art my GodSSATB+bc126 
PU10043 Purcell H.O God, thou hast cast us outSSAATB+bc114 
BL10110 Purcell H.O happy manSSAB+bc21 
BL10109 Purcell H.O Lord, grant the King a long lifeATB, SATB+2vl,bc236 
PU10052 Purcell H.O Lord, rebuke me notSS,SATB+bc, sbor147 
BL10108 Purcell H.O Lord, thou art my Godsola B,ATB, SATB+bc221 
PU10045 Purcell H.O Lord God of hostsSSAATTBB+bc134 
BL10101 Purcell H.O Lord our governorsola B,SSTB+bc100 
BL10105 Purcell H.O Lord our governorsola B,SSS,BB,SATB,SSSBB+bc209 
BL10107 Purcell H.O praise the Lord, all ye haethenTT,SATB+bc99 
SVE10036 Purcell H.Ode on st Cecilia´s day 1692SATB,sola+2tr,2ob,2vl,vla,kettle drum90 stran 
PU10057 Purcell H.Out of the deepsola B,SAB,SATB+bc176 
PU10047 Purcell H.Plung´d in the confinens of despairsola T, B,TTB+bc73 
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