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BL76 Purcell H.Rejoice in the LordSATB21 
SVA10002 Purcell H.Rejoice in the LordsolaB,SATB+2vl,vla,bc245 
PU10002 Purcell H.Remember notSSATB+bc46 
PU56 Purcell H.Save me, o GodSSATB65 
PU10049 Purcell H.Since God so tender a regardsola T,TTB+bc69 
BL10106 Purcell H.Sing unto Godsola B,SATB+bc127 
SVA10011 Purcell H.Sleep,Adam,sleep, and take thy restS(T)+bc26 
BL79 Purcell H.Te Deum LaudamusSSATB127 
VA10036 Purcell H.Tell me, some pitying angelS+bc116 
ST10021 Purcell H.The earth trembledS(T)+bc30 
BL10103 Purcell H.The Lord is King, be the peopleSS,sbor+bc,116 
BL10102 Purcell H.The Lord is King, the earth may be gladsola B,SATB+bc185 
BL10104 Purcell H.The Lord is King and hath put on glorious apparelsola S,SATB+bc,82 
BL10097 Purcell H.The way of God is an undefiled waysola B,ATB,ATB+ SAAATB+bc213 
BL10100 Purcell H.They that go down to the sea in shipssola B,AB,SATB+2vl,bc277 
POH10006 Purcell H.Thou knowest, Lord, the secretsSATB+bc53 
BL10098 Purcell H.Thou wakeful shepherdS(T)+bc40 
BL10014 Purcell H.Thy rightenousness, O GodSATB+bc31 
BL10085 Purcell H.Thy way, O God, is holyAB,SATB+bc161 
BL10077 Purcell H.Thy word is a lanternsola A,ATB, SATB+bc133 
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